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Who we are

“ Together, performing to achieve higher standard in medical care. ”

Our priority focus is Commitment to Quality. At LIVE 100 Hospital, we deliver safe and high quality healthcare to every patient who enters our hospital.

We are an iconic ensemble of medical professionals progressing successfully under the direction of our Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. H.N. Nagaraj, Medical Director, Dr. Shalini and the Executive Director, Dr. Kalyan, this Office for Excellence in Innovative Patient Care lead safety and quality programs of the hospital. We have achieved high levels of quality and safety by continuously learning and improving. We have engaged well qualified doctors, nurses, and other staff to manage administration and marketing in our work system so that our patients feel safe and well-cared while they are at LIVE 100 Hospital.

Through this website we have shared information about our specialities, unique procedures, amenities and services. This allows you to learn about who we are and how we care to provide best satisfaction in all our treatment procedures at every level. allows us to share information about the quality of care we provide, with clear explanations of what the information means.

This information is made available in an understandable and useful manner to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to excel in patient care and help our patients make informed decisions about their treatment. Patients who visit LIVE 100 Hospital shall not experience any difficulty as we have established Information Desk or Help Desk , Admission Process and Billing counters and a smooth discharge. Each of the facilities or amenities are conveniently placed to benefit the patients and their family members.