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Patients' Review

My surgeon, Dr. Sandeep Subbaiah, was particular about the equipment to be used during the operation, and as such was clear that he trusted the facilities provided by Dr. H.N. Nagaraj and team of the Hospital.

Once they opened me up, a congenital hip defect was discovered which immensely complicated matters and raised several questions on procedure and prosthetics to be used. At this stage Dr. Nagaraj and Dr. Sandeep took several informed decisions, and clearly putting me as the patient first and went ahead with the latest medical technology and pulled in a larger team of specialist surgeons for the (almost) 8 hour surgery. Throughout this period, all care was taken about me as a patient and family received as much information as possible, and wherever appropriate.

Post surgery care was excellent, and the surgical team was personally tracking my progress for over 6 months after discharge.

Based on my observations and conversation with family and friends, I am grateful that I am in the care of the surgeons who understand the value of patient and involvement, is deeply committed to the human being behind the medical situation, and cares so much about the quality of life for the patient. Dr. Nagaraj was absolutely brilliant and the team wasted no time on process and protocol which greatly aided my complete recovery.

Today, I am celebrating my mobility and independence every December. I travel all over India and internationally with no challenges. My life is full and eventful - and I owe it to the surgical team who made this possible.

- Laxmi Char

All of us wish to thank you, Dr. Nagaraj, for your kindness and wisdom during our mother's operation. It’s time to give credit where it is due for, competent & sensitive Surgeon like you are the prize of the Medical Profession. Mom can't say enough good about you.

We are thankful that she will be around for a long time yet to sing your praises.....thank you Doc.

- Divya A

I became paralyzed without showing any prior symptoms. One night, I woke up to a multiple ring of pain in my chest. It felt as if millions of ants were eating me up from inside. I was taken to various hospitals, but none of the doctors could diagnose the problem. I had been bedridden for the last ten years on account of damaged spine and wrong treatment.

I kept moving from one hospital to another, but to no avail. I was put on medication for tuberculosis of the spinal cord in 2005. There were minor improvements, but I remained on wheel chair.

I feel privileged as I am the first patient to be benefitted by the stem cell therapy. By this miraculous treatment I feel I had my eyes have always glistened with tears whenever I think of the greatness of Dr. H.N. Nagaraj of LIVE 100 Hospital who has made me walk again. I underwent the surgery of spinal cord in May 2013 and have gained 95 per cent sensation.

I never imagined in my life that I would be able to walk on my own legs. My life has changed after undergoing Stem Cell therapy. I feel more independent and this is a dream come true.

There is hope for so many people who have been otherwise suffering and this developmental treatment procedure developed by Dr. H.N. Nagaraj has risen the possibility that spinal injury victims can walk again.

- Balakrishan Baldev, 44 Years

I could not get relief from shooting pain due to hip disorder despite years of conventional treatment like core decompression. Though I underwent core decompression for nine years in California, there was no relief. But the Stem cell therapy rendered by Dr. H.N. Nagaraj of LIVE 100 Hospital has reduced pain and my hip movements are almost normal

- Jayadeep Panduranga, NRI, USA, 39 years.

I suffered with pain in the right hip and faced difficulty in moving around. Years of treatment by the conventional method had not yielded the desired results. Thanks to Dr. H.N. Nagaraj of LIVE 100 Hospital and with the Stem Cell Therapy rendered to me, I’m able to walk again with a walker.

- Aishwariya, Undergraduate, Detroit, USA, 20 years.

At two levels my spinal cords were crushed. A part of the spinal cord was removed in the surgery as it was damaged. I underwent stem cell treatment during mid 2013 and I regained sensation in my lower limbs. The therapy has also given a new lease of life to me as I underwent surgery of the spinal cord under the expert guidance of Dr. H.N. Nagaraj at LIVE 100 Hospital. The injury to my spinal cord had happened after a bullet hit me in 2009. Before I chose India, I had visited several countries for the treatment. Paralysed waist down.

- Khalid Abdullah, Soldier from Yemen, 42 years.

I had felt pain in my hip in 2011 when I was in the Saudi Kingdom where I underwent treatment in some hospitals but to no avail. Six months ago, when I was back in Pakistan, the pain became acute and diagnosis revealed that I had advanced avascular necroisis. Though it is feared that alcoholism, steroid usage and chemotherapy cause such a disease, I had none of them. I felt cursed.

Though leading hospitals in the US suggested surgery. When I consulted doctors from the world over, I learnt about use of stem cell therapy. I learnt about this stem cell therapy rendered by Dr. H.N. Nagaraj through internet and consulted patients got treated here. I was convinced that I should try my luck in India at this Bangalore hospital, LIVE 100 Hospital. It was a hard decision, as I had to leave Karachi just 2 days after my daughter was born.

The Indian consulate in Karachi was also helpful to me, as my visa was given in three days as against normal 15 days for Pakistani nationals. LIVE 100 Hospital provided documentation to ensure treatment to happen in time. As consultation was done earlier, hospital commenced treatment soon after I arrived at Bangalore. Several sessions of treatment with physiotherapy has made me to feel normal in the next few months.

- Imran Qureshi, Garment Exporter from Karachi, Pakistan, 31 years

AN Abbeydale man who was told by the NHS he was too overweight for the double hip and knee replacements he desperately needed has had life-changing surgery in India.

David Rogers, 62, was "thrown on the scrapheap by the NHS" after being told that at 22 stone, he was at least six stone too heavy for surgery.

The need for treatment was even more urgent because Mr Rogers and his wife Veronica have a severely disabled 19-year-old foster son who needs constant care and attention.

But despite getting down to 18 stone, Mr Rogers struggled to shed the further two stone necessary for surgery because his painful joints rendered him immobile.

I was in so much pain I couldn't lie in bed at night and had to sleep sitting in a chair. It was a vicious cycle because I couldnt do any exercise, so I struggled to lose any more weight," said the granddad from Dolphin Road.

But then his wife saw a television programme about Britons flying to India for medical treatment.

Further investigations led her to the website for Operationlndia, which offers people access to topcIass medical treatment in India and emailed London-based general manager Jane Ferguson.

Mrs Ferguson explained: "We started to communicate with one another in September and a month later, when I was over in India, I met Dr Nagaraj at a medical conference and I realised he was someone I could work with. I thought of David straight away."

The following month, during a visit to the UK, Dr Nagaraj met Mr Rogers for the first time, along with Mrs Ferguson.

The former senior nurse said: "I only needed to look at the man to see he was in agony. We got to him just in the nick of time. Dr Nagaraj said six months later and he would have been crippled for life."

Mr Rogers said: "I couldn't believe it - a surgeon actually came to my house, all the way from India. He put me at ease straight away and asked when I could go over for the operations."

Just two weeks later, Mr Rogers flew out to the Deepak Hospital, Dr Nagaraj's family's hospital in Bangalore, for the first phase of major surgery - to reconstruct the knee and hip on the right side, at a cost of £10,000.

"I can't speak more highly of the nurses and surgeons there. The treatment I received was first class," said Mr Rogers.

And despite two lengthy, complicated operations, by the middle of December he was enjoying some relaxation time at a nearby retreat.

He returned to Redditch on January 11 and has not looked back since.

"I can't believe the difference it has made to my fife," said Mr Rogers, who is preparing for a return trip to India next January for work on the other hip and knee.

"I would recommend treatment over there to anyone."

Mrs Ferguson said: David's is a story of sheer determination. He had been thrown on the scrapheap by the NHS, yet he refused to give up hope that things could get better."

- David Rogers, Redditch, Worcestershire, England, 62 years