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What ever latest treatment in orthopedics available anywhere in the world will also be available at LIVE 100 Hospital and but the treatment or medical procedures followed at LIVE 100 Hospital are very unique.

“ Does it bother you when you are over 45 years of age, there is no treatment for your complicated Orthopaedic & spine disorder? ”

At LIVE 100 Hospital, all your worries are set aside. You are provided with the right answers to remove all your worries about about orthopaedic & spine disorders irrespective of your age.

There are patients who are in their 80s and 90s, who underwent surgery for spine disorders have got well and been able to handle themselves independently post-surgery.


"A Key hole approach"

More than 2000 Vertebroplasty surgeries are successfully performed at LIVE 100 Hospital by surgeons is a standing testimony to what we claim to make you well.

Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for the treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures (VCF), involving vertebral bodies that make up the spinal column.

Vertebroplasty is performed on patients with pain requiring hospitalisation or for conditions that indicates prolonged bed rest and pain medications. Vertebroplasty is also performed on ELDERLY and FRAIL patients who have impaired bone healing after fracture, vertebral compression due to malignant tumor, patients suffering from osteoporosis due to long term steroid treatment or a metabolic disorder.

Vertebroplasty gives best result if performed within 8 weeks of the acute fracture and in old fractures where pain is constant at the fracture site.

Spine Fixation

Mechanical instability in spine could result from a several causes, including degenerative disease, trauma, or cancer. When the degree of instability gets excessive the structural integrity of the spine can get compromised. This decreased stability can produce pain during normal activities, which condition is termed as mechanical low back pain. The pain typically will be confined to lower back, hips, and thighs.

The structural integrity of the spine is restored through a spinal stabilization surgery when a significant degree of instability exists. The surgical or operative procedure, known as fusion and fixation would eliminate the movement across the unstable portion of the spine and reduce the pain. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Fixation would provide immediate spinal stability.

When surgery becomes necessary for back or neck disorders, it is essential that you receive care from a highly experienced spinal surgeon. At LIVE 100 Hospital, our surgeons are world leaders in spine surgery and we offer the highest level of expertise in an array of sophisticated spinal procedures for the treatment.

Slip Disc Treatment

We are specialized in all types of advanced disc procedures like- endoscopic and fenestration surgeries. The discs are protective shock-absorbing pads that are in between the bones of the spine (vertebrae). The discs of the spine are also called as inter-vertebral discs. In fact, they do not actually "slip," but, a disc could move, split, or rupture. This results in the disc cartilage and nearby tissue to herniate, allowing the inner gel portion of the disc to escape into the surrounding tissue. This leaking of jelly-like substance will place pressure on the spinal cord and/or on adjacent nerve to cause symptoms of pain, numbness, or weakness either around the damaged disc or anywhere along the area connected by that nerve.

Many people do not report any symptoms from a herniated disc and it is also true that majority of people who have herniated disc would not require any surgery. This condition is also known as herniated disc, ruptured disc, or prolapsed disc. The most frequently affected area will be low back, but it is true that any disc can rupture, including those in the neck.


We use minimally invasive procedure to repair rotator cuff for painful shoulder condition.

Acromioplasty is an arthroscopic surgical procedure of the shouLder , where generally, it would imply removal of a small piece of the surface of the bone (acromion) which being in contact with a tendon causing damage to the tendon by friction. Live 100 Hospital offers the best in shoulder treatment.

Replacement Surgeries

Is it going to be possible to see my grandfather or grandmother to get well and be able to move freely without anyone to support?

This sort of question could bother you.

Thanks to better arthritis treatments developed in the past 20 years, fewer middle-aged people need joint replacements today. Still, there remains a large number of people who will have to undergo replacement surgeries.

It is when severe pain or joint damage bothers you, limiting your daily activities, a joint replacement would become your best option. Here's what you can expect from joint replacement surgery done at LIVE 100 Hospital.

  • You will be able to walk the day after surgery.
  • Physical therapy will be used as a key factor for quicker recovery while you are at the hospital
  • No follow up therapy required once you go home, simple exercises at home will make you mobile & independent.
  • You will be able to manage pain better.
  • Right advice and direction given for weight loss wherever necessary.
  • Excellent success rate at LIVE 100 Hospital.
  • Experience, the expertise and the special therapy methods adopted by the surgeons at LIVE 100 Hospital.
  • Efforts will be on for full recovery in the shortest duration of time.