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In-Patient Care

In-patient care is provided as per the need of the patients wanting to be in a general ward or in a luxury suite.

Every in-patient, whether in a general ward or a luxury suite would be subjected to comprehensive nutritional assessments by our clinical dieticians. This is done to set and identify the goals for improving nutritional intake and health. Thus, individualized care plans are designed to meet the patient’s specific medical and lifestyle needs. A variety of guiding lectures and programs on nutrition, wellness and health are conducted to benefit the in-patients.

In-patient facilities are extended to all patients in this 150 bedded Hospital facility. The hospital has 5 operating theatres, fitted with the latest equipments to perform complex neuro-musculoskeletal procedures and they are well cared for in our 10 bedded recovery unit. Patients requiring special monitoring after surgery are accommodated in either the High Dependency Unit, or Critical Care Unit, that has 30 beds.