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Why the name as LIVE 100 Hospital?

LIVE 100 Hospital team believe that every damaged or worn out parts of the human body can be regenerated to function for lifetime, since our focus is on regenerative medicine, which is the future of healthcare, so is the name.

How to do Registration

  • Fill in the Registration form
  • For those who need assistance , CRM or PRM would assist.
  • Nominal fee will be charged for one time registration.

What is the admission procedure for insurance patient?

  • Patients will have to provide the Insurance Card and other related particulars of Insurance to prove the validity.
  • Patient's ID Proof is also a must.

Any deposit to be paid at the time of admission?

The Hospital Management of LIVE 100 Hospital considers the Emergency situation and humanitarian aspect while allowing emergency / accident patients to get admitted, allowing time for the deposit money to be paid subsequently. However,for all elective cases payment needs to be made in advance.

What are the payment modalities for patients who are not covered under insurance?

  • Payments can be made through the online transfer using NEFT, RTGS or by cash. Payment through Pay Order or Demand Draft is acceptable.
  • NO cheque payment is acceptable.

What are the discounts and additional benefits extended to patients from corporate sector?

If the Corporate has signed MoU with LIVE 100 Hospital they can avail Discounts on consultation, Treatment and Various health check-up with additional facilities. More details can be availed from LIVE 100 Hospital PRM.

How hygienic is the premises? What measures are taken to keep the hospital premises hygienic?

Every patient is important and deservedly treated with respect and dignity, whatever their age. Hygiene is a fundamental component of LIVE 100 Hospital Quality System. It is all in place to ensure the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We take a zero tolerance to infection control, providing all the support we can to our wards teams in the fight against infections.

Hygiene services at LIVE 100 Hospital incorporate a number of key services and areas within the campus addressing the challenges of hospital hygiene and to comply with the set service standards:

  • Focus on environment and facilities.
  • Crucial role in the prevention and control of healthcare associated infection.
  • Hand hygiene
  • Catering
  • Management of laundry
  • Wastes and sharps, and equipment

It is the objective of the Board of the LIVE 100 Hospital Management and all the staff to achieve a high rating in patient care through all the initiatives taken in regard to hygiene.

What are the visiting hours?

Patient's relatives shall get regular briefing regarding their patient's condition from the treating Consultant. In case of fixing an appointment with the Consultant, the family members or relatives of the patients can get in touch with the Patient Relations Manager (PRM).

General wards: 1 visitor at a time.

Semi-Private wards: 2 visitors at a time.

Private wards: 4 visitors at a time.

Timings: 10.30 am – 11.30 am and 3.30 pm - 4.30 pm.

Are the visitors given pass and where it can be collected?

Yes, visitors passes are given and can be collected from the Reception.

What are the types of Rooms Available?

The categories of indoor beds are as follows:

General, Semi Private, Private, Deluxe and Suite

What medical procedures of LIVE 100 Hospital are covered for insurance?

All the treatments and procedures are covered for insurance except the treatments done using STEM CELL AND PDGF.

What are the plans in place to draw the attention of International Patients?

We do look for creating alliances to help us reach the patients who need us to treat them. We believe that our network generated out of the alliances would work comfortably within the set parameters. Network so generated would resulting in having many coordinating centers.We shall be open to have such coordinating centres in each country wherever and whenever appropriate.

Bengaluru in particular has been recognised as a good healthcare hub and what would be the role of LIVE 100 Hospital to uphold the health care hub status of Bengaluru?

First of all, when talking about patient inflow, we are aware that there is going to be an increase in patient's inflow over time considering our medical expertise. And we are confident and want that every patient to feel well with manageable cost and the quality of treatment which is never compromised.

So what do we do further? LIVE 100 Hospital, would make sure that we are equipped with well trained staff to meet up with the growing demand with high quality being the motto

How are you going to handle the language issue of the International patients?

The interpreters would be put to use who are equipped with the clinical knowledge to handle patients who speak different languages.