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Clinical Research

A Medical Research Review Committee established at LIVE 100 Hospital critically reviews the proposed research programmes and projects in detail and ensures that the research effort gain momentum to be an international effort. LIVE 100 Hospital also has established Ethics Committee consisting of Doctors and Research Officers and also external expert members in the field of medicine, law and social science to critically evaluate the research and medical practices followed in the Hospital.

Many of the specialized clinical treatments provided at LIVE 100 Hospital are the effect of true scientific research carried out for a long period of time more particularly in the areas of Regenerative Medicine. LIVE 100 Hospital thus has enormous research capacity and has therefore become recognised world over for its completed and ongoing outstanding researches and projects. With its high technology use, reference hospital status, modern equipments and highly qualified healthcare personnel LIVE 100 Hospital has built a very good reputation in India as also Overseas as a good influencer on general & specialized medical practices and health policy.