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“LIVE 100 Hospital carries a passion for regenerative healing…”

LIVE 100 Hospital made its beginning in the year 2010 with the full confidence to provide people with better health care based on the pioneering researches made to create medical history. The very specialised treatments offered by LIVE 100 Hospital is making people to believe that they can live longer finding solutions to their various problems which were not treatable with conventional treatments.

The objective is to make people feel that they can live for 100 years and that is how the hospital is appropriately named as LIVE 100 Hospital. In a short span of time, LIVE 100 Hospital has earned a name to be the most economical tertiary care multispecialty healthcare service provider. The major thrust of the hospital has been in REGENERATIVE MEDICINE having pioneered in STEM CELL to treat various medical conditions.

LIVE 100 Hospital is a dependable healthcare center where the hospital is credited for the following exceptionalities:

  • We are giving our best pursuing excellence in REGENERATIVE MEDICINE using STEM CELL THERAPY and PDGF to treat various Degenerative and Autoimmune disorders.
  • We are the only one to confidently assure of high success on the SPINE TREATMENT PROCEDURES for the ELDERLY, even when the condition of the Spine is critical in nature.
  • We are possibly the very first to get encouraging results in AVN history.
  • Successful and excellent results in advanced Avascular Necrosis (AVN) cases and Traumatic Paraplegia.
  • We are recognised as a high-tech Super Specialty Hospital, within a short period of time.
  • We are a dedicated team comprising of researchers & surgeons.
  • The ethics of this noble profession is always on top of our mind to serve mankind better and for LIVE 100 Hospital to be a name to reckon with.